2022 has been a great year for us. So much so that we were able to record and produce our first single 'Tightrope' using funds generated exclusively by gigging. So to everyone who bought a ticket or a T-Shirt this year, thank you! This song belongs to you as well, I hope you enjoy it.

This year we played some amazing gigs, including The Eagle Inn and Manchester Academy 3.

We'll be taking a step back now to rest, write and record until Spring 2023, when we'll get some more shows on the road!

Artwork for Veneer's Debut EP 'Talk About Today' hand drawn by

"Manchester trio Veneer might become one of the great Manchester bands to emerge out of the stop-start lockdown period. Their debut EP ‘Talk about today’, released back in 2020, is certainly worth a listen. Since then, the band have been quietly getting on refining their set and writing new songs. The band draw from a number of influences which sit in the grunge, indy, alt bracket, but they are committed to creating a sound of their own."